As exciting as this encounter was, I found the story Faye recounted, challenging to follow and super involved.

The highlights as they come back to me as I take notes afterwards are…

The Queen and Prince Charles thought we were a hoot!

Snake Hill Nation.

Eddie Obeid – the crook!

I’ve lost around $30,000,000.

I was homeless because of those crooks, along with many other women.

I’m ok now. Luckily my mother had a place.

I’m an artist.

Plenty of details about legal action, courts, lawyers, royal commissions, fraud and lack of justice being served.

A drug house in the Hills District which is now an embassy.

And, a royal prerogative of mercy.

I was captivated and enthralled by this difficult to follow recount of events. I’m looking forward to running into Faye and hearing more again in the future.