Parked up at Terrigal Beach car park – Kim had backed her van into a spot facing the beach to enjoy the view.

A barely made bed is visible, and I noticed she was cleaning out what looked like a cereal bowl after finishing breakfast, looking out over the massive seas.

Kim agreed to a photo for this project, and we got chatting.

I asked where she’d come from and learned it was only Sydney! I was expecting somewhere a lot more exotic.

Kim’s a paramedic and volunteered for a week’s work at the Ettalong ambulance station. She thought she’d make an adventure of the week and decided to camp out in her van, staying at a different beach each night for the week.

Her big plan right now is focussing on saving for a trip to the UK, preferably London, to work as a paramedic there and have it as a base to see Europe.

Applications haven’t opened for London, but she’s applied for a job in Newcastle (UK) – which sounds like she’s 100% committed to the move, no matter what. London is the goal, though!

With three months to go in her degree, she’s working three jobs – one with the Royal Flying Doctor Service, which operates out of the Bankstown Airport.

Shifts there are light on, due to the pandemic, and only emergency and urgent jobs are getting the green light.

We said our goodbyes and I wished her good luck in getting to the UK and Europe.

As I was leaving, I asked,

“Are you worried about COVID in the UK at all?”

“Nah,” she said, with a big smile, “it’ll be all good.”