Scott shared a remarkably balanced view for someone who loves to ride their mountain bike in a park area that may be taken away.

I ran into him while walking the trails of Kincumba Mountain – a popular spot for walkers, mountain bike riders, picnickers and nature lovers. Housing suburbs surround the parkland on all sides and easily accessible and widely used.

There’s currently a discussion on stopping mountain bikers using the trails.

I asked Scott for his thoughts.

He said, “I can see the councils point; it’s a matter of insurance and a willingness to take on the risk of accidents.”

He went on to tell me that a rider had a bad fall only weeks ago and had a broken neck amongst other injuries.

On the other hand, Scott pointed out, “The council doesn’t realise that most users are families, men over 35 and not young kids just tearing up the park. It’d be a real shame to lose access. I have two young kids, and this is my chance to get some exercise a couple of times a week, close to home, get into nature and have some fun.

This was his last run of the day, and he swung back around to ask if I’m working/photographing to help protect the park?

“No”, I replied, “But I’d hate to see you guys lose access.”

We said our goodbyes, and it was all downhill to home for Scott – back to see his family.