I met Ray at the local Shelly Beach Markets on the weekend.

Linda and I were passing a friends jewellery market stall, when Ray breezed in… animated, all smiles and an infectious positivity about him.

While chatting with Fiona, the jewellery stall owner, some potential customers started to browse at the display, reaching out to a pair of earrings, feeling the quality of a bag, pointing and chatting about the necklaces.

Ray instantly swooped in with details about the products, the price, where they are made and even a little about how.

I asked Ray if he works with Fiona?

No, but I’ve been around long enough to know the stock. You just get to know the regulars and what they sell.

You would have sworn blind this was Rays stall with the passion, friendliness and confidence he showed about… everything.

We left Fiona to it and headed along the corridor of stalls to see Ray chatting and having fun with all the regulars while pointing out the stall holders that would do a good trade and those set up to pretty much fail.

Look he said, look at that. See, people don’t want be drawn to a stall like that. Look at that owner compared to Fiona. Fiona looks like she wants to be here, dressed nicely, make up and hair done, a great looking display, smiling and approachable. That’s what you need to make it work!

What about your stall, I asked Ray, who’s manning that now?

Oh, the guy next door is watching it for me. My stuff isn’t cheap. People will spend a little time looking before they buy so he’ll come and get me.

Ray looked around… it should be busier than this. Christmas is close, it should be packed and they should be spending.

He looked like he was thinking about why.

The next thing he was off. Lost amongst the prams and people on the way back to his stall… Indah Dream Warrior.