Stopping for a coffee at Brewsters Cafe in Mittagong, I met manager, barista and photographer Steve when he saw me reach for the Australian Photography magazine amongst the collection of newspapers and magazines played neatly in the middle of a large communal table at the centre of the cafe.

“Looking for some help?” he asked in my direction.

“What’s that” I replied, probably a little defensively, wondering what he was talking about. To be honest, I was thinking here we go. This guy is going to try and tell me about photography, what camera I should be using, which brands are good and which are crap. Everyone’s a bloody¬†photographer aren’t they!

Turns out Steve was a photographer himself, a damn good one and happy to have a chat.

A slideshow of images was playing on the TV mounted in the corner of the cafe – all Steve’s work and all fantastic. From incredible action filled rodeo images to beautiful landscapes of the Aussie bush. The photography was inspiring.

I asked Steve if he thinks he’d enjoy his photography more if he was doing it full time and not working in the cafe?

No, I don’t think so was his answer. Working the cafe, meeting so many people, selling records and my photography tours are all great. Relying solely on photography would probably take away some of the fun. It’d become too much like hard work.

Plus, working down here is tough. Having different sources of income helps.

If you’re ever passing through Mittagong, check out Brewsters Cafe for a great coffee and good vibe. Say g’day to Steve and if you’re into photography, his photography tours and workshops might be a good fit for you –¬†