Savoy Cafe Katoomba_001

Jodie was working at the Savoy Cafe in Katoomba when I asked if I could take her photo for my 100 Strangers project. She replied with a shrug and a smile saying, “Yeah, sure. It’s usually Asian people who want to take my photo.”

Jodie’s been living in Katoomba for about five years and says she’s only just getting used to the cold winters after moving down from the Gold Coast.

“Why did you move here?” I asked

“I was still at school, mum wanted a change and decided on Katoomba.”

If you’re ever visiting Katoomba, make sure you check out the busy Savoy cafe – the food was fantastic, the portions generous and the atmosphere was perfect… warm, old fashioned booths, friendly staff and right in the main street. It was so good, Linda and I returned for breakfast the following day.

Savoy Cafe Katoomba_002

Savoy Cafe Katoomba_004