How about a photography session with your family that takes no planning?  

OK sure, we need to schedule a date, but a photography session that really shows who you are and what a real day in your life is like. More precious than you might think. I’m talking… no posing, no awkward direction, no matching clothes, no cheesy smiles, no time limit, no fake anywhere.  Hell… you don’t even need to smile if you’re not happy and you certainly don’t need to be bribing the kids to be behave, smile, do this, do that. Only images that capture who you are… down to the core.

I’m talking… No posing.
No awkward direction. No matching clothes.
No cheesy smiles.
No time limit.
No fake anywhere.

The only job you have, be yourselves.  Including Dad.  If he’s got to take a call, no problem.  Answer an email, that’s fine. If your boys really want to wear their favourite daggy shirts and ripped jeans… PERFECT!

What about you mum?

I’m taking a guess here, but I imagine you’re thinking “Ahh we can’t take photos with the way house usually looks” I know this because I too have a wife.  You’ll probably want your home looking perfect for a photography shoot even though, it may not always look like the house from a wham bam cleaning product in a TV commercial.  That’s okay!  It doesn’t need to be perfect.

Sure, you can have your house (and your hair for that matter) looking like you want but if it get’s messy, it get’s messy.  Or… you can clean as you go if that’s what you normally do.

The idea of a day in the life shoot is to create a photographic record of life as it is for you and your family right now.

Central Coast family photographer_012

Believe it or not, what you have right now, this minute, is amazing. You’ll look back on how you spend your normal days today and smile and think… yes, they were good days.

But here’s the thing. You won’t always remember.  Not clearly anyway.

There will be snippets here and there but you will forget the silly clothes your kids love to wear.  The funny looks they gave when you suggest something they don’t want or like.  The favourite cafe you love to visit.  The park where dad and the kids love to run around.  The chickens in the house.  The hair your husband used to have… and the muscles and the physique.

Yep, I did say chickens in the house back there.

I recently did a day in the life shoot with Dave, Jodie, Archie and Kai… and their two cheeky chickens, Red Fin and Clucky, who were very much part of the day.  You can see more of these guys in the Day In The Life Gallery Page.

How Does It All Work?

Pretty simply, I turn up around the time your kids usually wake up and I stay for the day.  Yep, the whole day.  I’ll document what I see.  What I feel makes you guys special.  Things you probably don’t even realise make your family as special as it is.

It could start with the kids jumping on your bed to wake you up or watching TV in their jammies… or more likely on a phone or tablet before breakfast.

From there, it’s a normal and fun day for you and your family…

A run, a walk, a cafe, a bike ride, a swim.  Reading, card or board games, cooking cupcakes or baking a cake together.  Colouring, puzzles, hide and seek, dress ups or a visit to nana and poppies house.  Working in the garden, dress ups, exploring the bush, backyard soccer, footy or creating art. Seriously, whatever is a perfect and perfectly normal day for you is what’s worth capturing, preserving and holding onto.

If your kids are the kind to play up to the camera and pull out the fake smile, that usually fades pretty quickly.  There’s only so long anyone wants to perform for the camera.  I’ll just be “that guy” along for the ride who get’s the privilege of seeing all the little bits and pieces that make up your people.  The small things you want to hold on to forever.

Day In The Life Central Coast_1

So, How Much?

I know you’re wondering.

$1495 will hook you up for the day with me and will include a custom designed album with 20 sides (10 pages) with the option to add more if you choose.  What better thing to leave behind for your kids than a book to shows them just how much you love them and just how amazing they were and are.

If the thought of posing in matching or coordinated clothes in a studio or some irrelevant location with fake and cheesy smiles makes your stomach turn, then this is the type of session your family is looking for.

When Linda and I look back at our own kids and their childhood, it’s the one thing we wish we’d done differently.  We’d have spent more time capturing the little things.  The sideways smirks, the days of lego, the tiny hands and the way they fit in ours, because no matter how cliche it might sound it really is gone in the blink of an eye.

Day In The Life Central Coast_2

Day in the Life Q&A

Can we do a half day shoot – a half a day in the life?

Yes, you sure can and it’s half the price – well close to – $795.  We call these “The Breakfast Sessions” only because mornings are usually when the kiddies are best.  If afternoons are your thing, that’s fine too.  I guess we can call that an “Arvo Session.”  It’s the same size album as the full day session but half the time shooting.

How much does it cost to add pages?

Extra album sides are $30 each.

Can I swap images within the book?

Yes, you can make basic changes by swapping one photo with another but the general design and story telling nature of the book must stay as is. You can however, simply remove whole pages of the album before ordering.

Is there an out of area travelling fee?

Yes, there is an additional $150 travelling fee to Newcastle, The Hunter Valley and Sydney.  Commissions further than 100km from the Central Coast may attract higher fees to cover accommodation.  We can discuss this with you when the time comes.

Do both parents have to come to the book viewing session?

Absolutely, yes.

It’d be totally unfair to deny either parent the joy of the initial viewing of the album design and photos from such a big day. We can happily arrange after hours or possibly weekend appointments to work in with your schedules but both parents must be at the viewing session. It’s such a big and important part of the experience.

Central Coast day in the life photography_025

If this sounds like the kind of experience you’re looking for, get in touch and let’s create something special!

And if you want to check out some more photos from recent Day In The Life, Breakfast and Arvo Sessions, check out the gallery here.

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