Congratulations Sarah & Martell!

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  1. Congratulations Sarah & Martell:

    Greetings. Your family from Mexico City send to you the best wishes for your wedding.
    We are: Lety, Odette, Gerardo, Octavio & Angye, Dany & Maggy. We are your relatives, because Lety (my Mom) is Manuel’s sister.

    We loved the photos and video of their wedding. The charro hat, the signs on the back of the chairs with “the boyfriend” (el novio), “the bride” (la novia), when they broke the piñata, the cacti, the peppers and the mexican sarape, are moments that Martell and Sarah remember Forever, since they are part of the tradition and our Mexican roots and background. We thank Uncle Manuel Angeles who brought these details of Mexico to his wedding in Australia.

    Lety, my sons and girlfriends, Gerardo and I hope to visit you someday at at Smoky Cape Lighthouse, South West Rocks, NSW, and hold a family photo session with Sarah, Martell, Lupita, her husband, Miguel and his wife, Wendy and Uncle Manuel Angeles. We hope this project can be done in the future.

    We send best regards to Wendy and family and Sarah and family.

    Truly and cordially yours.

    Odette Aida Colunga M.
    You can write me to my e-mail:

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