100 strangers home page file

100 photos, 100 conversations, 1000 hurdles

I’ve toyed with the idea of personal photography projects for a long time. They all feel like great ideas while laying in bed or day dreaming on longer drives but for some reason, I never got started with any.

I’m not sure if it’s a lack of guts to start something new, a fear they won’t work or be well accepted and liked… crazy, I know, for a personal project!

Read more about the project and why this has been such a tough thing to start below the strangers.


The 100 Strangers project had me the minute I heard about it

I love to photograph people. I make a living doing it, shooting weddings and portraits.  I’ve photographed the odd stranger and the experience has always been a positive experience. The times it has happened have always been organic and natural, it wasn’t something I was setting out to do… talk to a stranger and take their photo.

The thought of that makes me squirm a little.

I feel the slight shudder of nerves wash over me. It makes me feel uncomfortable.

That’s a big part of taking on this project. I want to conquer those fears and nerves.

Here’s something weird (or something else), I love the idea of street photography but have a fear of shooting in the street. Strange huh? I’m hoping this project will give me what I need to do that too.

The photos are only one part of the project

The plan is to learn something about every stranger photographed. Their name and something about them.

I think this will be the easier part of the project. Stories about people are always interesting…  the life they’re living or have lived, dreams, regrets, plans, adventures or failures… I’ll take any for the project.

My friends and colleagues believe it’s so easy for me to approach a stranger and start talking.  They are so, so wrong

Through the interviews I’ve done on my podcasts, PhotoBizX and The Photography Xperiment Podcast, it’s become clear everyone has something to share, everyone has a story.

Once having made the initial contact, I’m looking forward to this part of the challenge.


A little research

I’ve read about all the excuses when it comes to starting a project like this and I found myself nodding with every single one.

Maybe I am normal after all!?

I built this webpage before taking a single photo. Crazy huh!

I wrote this ‘about the project page’ before approaching a single stranger.

I thought of every reason why I shouldn’t do this… time, effort, too busy, it’s not real work, what will it prove, what if people say no when I ask, what if people don’t like my work.

Approaching a stranger feels like jumping over a series of mental hurdles.  Every time.

All before taking a single photo or approaching a single stranger.



No more excuses.

Time to do this. Grow some balls, approach a stranger, ask to take their photo, have a conversation.

How hard can it be…

I know without a doubt, once I have some runs on the board, photos on the card and uploaded to this site, I’ll be loving it.

I’m hoping the fear of approaching people to take their photo will disappear and it’s something I get comfortable with but either way, I’m committed, starting and seeing this thing through.

No more excuses… Lets do this!